Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thunder in the Ochocos Cowboy Mounted Shooting Event

This is the last CMSA event I had planned on attending this year, but due to an injury to my horse (Roscoe P. Coltrane) I will not be able to participate. My club, The Lone Pine Rangers of Prineville Oregon put on this amsll but very eventful shoot. There is a Friday fun shoot, which this year will be a 3 person team, where two shooters will shoot 5 targets with there revolvers while the 3rd member makes a run with a shotgun. Then comes a 6 stage match shoot on Saturday and Sunday with awards to follow. The great thing about coming to one of the shoots put on by the Lone Pine Rangers, is that no shooter goes home empty handed.

This is a great shoot for the family as many Wranglers (ages 3 - 13) get to also run the stages, granted with cap guns, not real revolvers, but they love it just the same. My daughter is one of these riders, so I will be focused on helping her get ready to ride this week-end.

Normally I will be giving the readers a rundown of how I did at the shoot, but since the injury, I will just update the winners of each level for everyone to read.

Looking forward to hearing from people interested in learning more about Cowboy Mounted Shooting.

Free Shipping @ Wild West Mercantile

My favorite website for Cowboy Clothes is having a Free Shipping sale on all orders of $50 or more. Wild West Mercantile is a great place to get shirts, trousers, hats, boots and more for the Cowboy Mounted Shooting enthusiast.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wild West Mercantile – Authentic Old West Clothing , Western Clothing, Victorian & Historical for Men and Women from the old west Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) Sponsor

Beginner Cowboy Mounted Attire

I myself am just a begginner in the world of Cowboy Mounted Shooting. If you are interested in getting started in this wonderful sport, there are clubs all around the United States who would be glad to help or go to But the reason I am here, is to help in getting started with your authentic cowboy attire.

I have found that there are plenty of websites out there that have authentic cowboy or western attire, but one that I like is Wild West Mercantile. They have very compareable rates to other sites, and they have a good variety of styles and brands.

Now for the begginning shooter, since everything seems really expensive in this sport, like the horse, saddle, pistols, holsters and more. So since you have spent all of this money, lets just start out with the basic attire needed to get going in this sport.

First off the shirts, I would recommend getting three or four as most of these events last at least three days. Wah Maker, or Scully are good brands to start with, they are basic and can usually also be found in the bargin or sale areas. I personally like the stiped and bibed shirts, they look the best on me.

Second would be pants, now you can wear a certain brand of jeans (see the CMSA webiste for details), if you have chaps or chinks to cover them (this is my preferred way, but I just like the look of chaps on a cowboy). The cheaper way to start since chaps or chinks can be pretty spendy is a nice pair of Wah Maker or Frontier Classics trousers. Now one issue I have found with these and why I prefer chaps and jeans is that you need suspenders for these trousers and depending on your type of holsters they could get in the way. You could probably get away with getting only two pairs of troussers to start with.

Now you can get boots and hats from the Wild West Mercantile website as wll, but I would recommend going to your local western wear store and find just the right cowboy hat that fits your head as well as a good pair of leather boots ( I prefer Boule boots myself, one of the most comfortable boots I have ever worn at a decent price) that fit your feet.

Now I know this is a pretty simplistic look at what you need to buy to start off in Cowboy Mounted shooting, so look back in the future at more in depth looks at possible styles and themes you can go in your wardrobe.